Snow Angels

In summer 2020, Helsinki Police Symphonic Band recorded a brand new Christmas album, Snow Angels. As soloist on the recording sing famous Finnish opera stars Helena Juntunen and Mika Pohjonen.

The album songs includes some traditional Finnish Christmas songs, and some fine new discoveries, not that often performed with an orchestra.

There is even some brand new Finnish music for concert band on the recording. Some classical material is included too, such as the Miniature Ouverture from Tchaikovski’s Nutcracker ballet.

The album will be released in November 2020. The exact release date and where-to-buy -information will be available on this site soon.


In October 2020, Helsinki Police Symphonic Band recorded new Finnish music for wind orchestra. There were 13 new pieces of music recorded.  Composers of the works include Timo Forsström, Ilari Hylkiä, Antti Nissilä and J-P Lehto. There was also an older work recorded, Festouverture by Armas Järnefelt, written in 1902. The ouverture was transcribed this year by Robert J. Ambrose.

The recordings will be freely available in Youtube at a later date.

A similar recording was made already in 2018. The works recorded that time are available for free listening here.

Lain nimessä!

In 2016, the police band recorded Finnish music together with Helsinki, Tampere and Turku police male choirs. With the record, the police band and the choirs celebrate 100 years of independence of Finland.

The record can be ordered from the Helsinki police choir: http://www.poliisilaulajat.com/kuoro/aanitteet/. The record is available on the main music streaming services as well, e.g. on youtube.

Life in the Capital City

In 2014, Helsinki Police Band recorded an album “Life in the Capital City” full of Helsinki-related wind band music.

There is a world premiere recording included, Pessi Levanto’s “Helsinki by Tram – A Requiem for Lines 3B/3T”. This is a composition describing some remarkable spots along the former tram route 3B/3T. This route used to make a circle around the capital of Finland. Today, the tram lines 2 and 3 run the same route as the line 3T/3B did before.

You can order the cd from the record store Fuga. The record is available on the main music streaming services as well, e.g. on youtube.

Helsinki Police Band’s previous recordings:
Suomalainen balladi (2005; with Helsinki Police Male Choir)
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Helsingin Poliisisoittokunta 1947-1997  (1997)
Vanhoja tansseja  (1993)
Laulava soittokunta  (1991)
Uutta suomalaista puhallinmusiikkia  (1987)
Maailman parhaat marssit  (1985)
Poliisiparaati  (1975)