Education Concerts


The most important field of work for the police band are education concerts for children and teenagers. The concerts play an important role in the police’s preventive work.

Concert for the young in Helsinki. Photo: Marja Mannisenmäki


During concerts, the children get important information on traffic, general safety and inconvenience of bullying. For teens, we have experienced constables with us to discuss drugs, sexual self-determination and other issues, such as social media and violence.

Education Concert in the Helsinki Fair Centre. Photo: Inka Lahtinen.


The musical programs and talks are set up specifically for each audience. In the concerts the police contacts thousands of young people yearly. The goal is to reach each age group as widely as possible, as well to establish a friendly relationship between children and the police. For this purpose, the concerts are often held in big halls. The children are transported to the concert places from different schools and day care centers.

The Police band organizes four to five education concert weeks per year.

Concert For children in Espoo. Photo: Ari Katajamäki.