The One and Only – Helsinki Police Symphonic Band

The Helsinki Police Symphonic Band plays a very important part in the public relations of the Finnish Police. The band represents the Police through music in different events nationally and internationally.

The Police Band has already enjoyed wide acclaim for decades. The band was first founded in 1947 to improve relations between the audience and the police. Today the band employs 43 musicians. Many of them spend half of their working hours as traffic police. In addition to the wind orchestra the Police Band encases smaller assemblies as well. Our musicians feel that the diverse duties enrich their professions.

Since the beginning the Helsinki Police Band has performed in places where people gather: large events, hospitals, prisons, sports events, opening of the Christmas Street, churches, parades, music halls and the Police’s own events. The Helsinki Police Band has also performed abroad: Germany, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Russia and France.

The band has an important role in educating when performing for kids and the youth. In addition to music, school bullying, behaviour in traffic, drugs and other intoxicants are discussed.

Helsinki Police Band performs together with some of the best artists in Finland. 

Sami Ruusuvuori has acted as the Chief Conductor since 2012.

Police Band B&W

Image: Tiia Santavirta


Helsinki Police Symphonic Band 2018

Image: Maarit Kytöharju

Police Band brass section

Image: Maarit Kytöharju