Together! is a project, where young, gifted helsinkians get a chance to rise on stage together with the Helsinki Police Showband and a star artist. Behind this idea to play and perform Together! are Helsinki Police Symphonic Band, Preventive policing, and the City of Helsinki.

The 2021 show is now available on our youtube channel!

The star artist for the 2021 show is Ilta!

Some pearls of the show were presented on YleX pop in June. You can watch the clips on Yle Areena:

Here you can watch the introduction video for the project.

Introductions for the performing young below. 

Erika, 14, voice 🎤
Erika is already an experienced pop/jazz singer. In the show she’s going to perform her own song.
“If you have a dream, it’s not going to come true unless you make it happen yourself.”
Robin,14, guitar (left) 🎸
Earlier, Robin used to play classical guitar at a music school, but now the el-guitar has swept the man off his feet.
“I’m excpecting the chance to play with others and some good time together!” 😎
Felix, 15, drums (right) 🥁
Felix has studied drums already for eight years. Big stages are already in sight.
What do you expect? “Rock’n Roll and good feelings!” 🤩

Robin and Felix applied separately but are going to perform together.

Alma, 17, dance 💃
Dance is a passion for Alma. She’s going to perform with another dancer, Inka, and her own solo number, with brand new music composed by the police band’s assistant conductor Heikki Elo.
The choreographies are her own writing.
Alma is eagerly expecting the chance to make new things happen with people of various ages and arts.
Amira, 17, voice 🎤
Amira has been engaged with singing for 5-6 years. She also plays the clarinet in the Käpylä music school.
Amira is expecting many new experiences! 🌟
Mitja, 16v, percussion
Mitja has been playing classical music since the 1st grade. He has been involved with jazz, too. 🥁 In the show we will hear a spectacular, rare work for five mallet players, Mitja on the xylophone.
Mitja is expecting a good experience and good reputation for himself! 😎💎
Austra 17, voice 🎤
Austra has been singing by herself from the 4th grade. Now she’s taking voice lessons in her high school. She’s singing in a choir as well.
Austra is expecting a wonderful experience performing with the band. Her dream is to become a professional musician. 😎

 A new application period is to be organized next year.