Children’s Video Series

Helsinki Police Symphonic Band’s video series for children was launched in spring 2020. In the nine episodes we hear some brand new songs along with some familiar ones. Among the topics are the emergency number 112, bullying, traffic, petty theft etc.

Videos with English subtitles are available on the Helsinki Police Symphonic Band YouTube channel.

We hope that video series will bring joy and safety to as many children as possible.  All videos are free to use e.g. in teaching.

Tuu mun mukaan – concert for children

Tuu mun mukaan (Come With Me) is a brand new concert for children aged 7-12 years.

We will hear some catchy songs along with instructive talks from the police. The main emphasis is in including everyone in the games, so that no one will be bullied.

The concert is part of the campaign against bullying #samallapuolella (on the same side) organized by Helsinki region cities.

The concert is in Finnish with subtitles in English. 

Pidä huolta! – concert for teens

Instructive concert aimed at middle school teens, filled with intensive information and entertaining music.

The topics include drugs, bullying, sexual sovereignty, social media, and violence. The lecturers are experienced police officers investigating crimes on the related topics.

Subtitles in English.

The supplementary material to boost the discussion can be downloaded here.

The Lion Patrol: #UusSkuutti

New video for children out now!

The Lion Patrol show for the youngest children is just recently recorded on video. In the Short movie #UusSkuutti  we hear songs with catchy melodies, and the children get advice on traffic and friendship. Enjoy!

In Finnish only.


Tuu mun mukaan (‘Come With Me’)

Helsinki Police Symphonic Band vocalist Onni Lonka composed a song about friendship and respecting each other. With the song, Onni and the band hope to prevent bullying, still too regularly occuring at school environments.

In November 2020, ‘Tuu mun mukaan’ was elected as the Children’s Song Of The Year in Finland. 

The sheet music is free to download for private use and for schools.

In Finnish only.


Varjo (‘Shadow’)

A song on bullying and importance of friends. No one wishes to stay alone. How could you help someone lonely?

The video was published on Valentine’s Day 2022. In Finnish only.

Inside The Orchestra

How do the instruments of a symphonic wind band sound? On this video all the sections of the orchestra are presented. The instrument demonstration piece Inside The Orchestra was composed by our own composer Timo Forsström.


In summer 2021 seven young talents performed together with The Helsinki Police Showband! Guest artist: Ilta!

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Helsinki Police Symphonic Band is playing on a YouTube series launched by The Police of Finland. The Police Lion series is aimed for children in day-cares and lower-classes of comprehensive school. In the episodes, children are shown as capable and innovative citizens, who often give advice to their parents or other adults.

There are nine episodes in the series. The topics include traffic-related matters, getting lost, and social media. There is a song included in each episode performed by the Helsinki Police Symphonic Band with own soloists. Children’s Choir from the Suna School (Espoo) is singing the songs as well.

In Finnish only.

More videos on Helsinki Police Symphonic Band’s youtube channel and on poliisitube!