Since 1947

Helsinki Police Symphonic Band

Helsinki Police Symphonic Band is a professional wind ensemble that represents the Finnish Police both nationwide and internationally.

Today the band employs 43 musicians. Many of them spend half of their working hours with traffic police duties.

The orchestra performs around the country with both entertaiment and classical music programs.

Instructive concerts for children and the young are an essential element of the orchestra’s activities.

In addition to the wind orchestra the Police Band encases smaller assemblies as well. 

Instructive concerts

The most important field of work for the police band are instructive concerts for children and teenagers. The concerts play an important role in the police’s preventive work.

During concerts, the children get important information on traffic, general safety and inconvenience of bullying. For teens, we have experienced constables with us to discuss drugs, sexual self-determination and other issues, such as social media and violence.


​In June 2022, Helsinki Police Symphonic Band published a brand new album filled with mostly new music for concert band.

The recording features Finnish composers Timo Alakotila (violin concerto Between Three Worlds), Juha Pisto, Marzi Nyman and Timo Forsström.

The album is available on most music streaming platforms, e.g. Spotify.

The Festive March Of The Finnish Police – Commissarius

Composed by Timo Forsström. From the album “Lain nimessä! Suomi 100 – Poliisi 200”


Helsinki Police Symphonic Band performs together with some of the best artists in Finland. In 2022, performances were conducted with Johanna Försti, Arja Koriseva, Sami Pitkämö and Ville Rusanen.



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